The South Shore’s Cedar Specialists

Historic homes are beautiful and quirky things- maintaining them can be a challenge.
Keep the character of your historic New England home by preserving the integrity and charm of your cedar roof and shingles.

Atlantic Coast Property Solutions specializes in cedar roofing and cedar siding installation and maintenance. Our certified roofing specialists with decades of experience want to help you protect your biggest investment- your home.

Before and After

Cedar Restoration Scope of Work

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    Repair or Replacement: Before cleaning, we will mend or install new shakes, if section of your cedar roof or siding require repair or replacement.
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    Cleaning and Sealant Application: Your home is power washed using effective eco-friendly detergents. The detergents combined with the strength of pressure washing remove years of dirt, mildew, mold, and grime from the surface of the cedar shingles. After cleaning, sealant is applied to prevent moisture build up inside the wood allowing the cedar to breathe.
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    Complete: The cedar restoration process maintains your house’s beauty, as well as the structural integrity.
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