Cedar Roof & Siding Care

New England is the original home for beautiful cedar roofs and siding. Unfortunately in this part of the country cedar is exposed to harsh conditions over the course of our seasons. If your cedar is unprotected moisture will wreak havoc as the surfaces expand in the warm daytime temperatures and contract in the cold night air. This expansion and contraction coupled with moisture penetration causes cedar to blacken with mold and eventually cup and crack.

Our cleaning and waterproof sealant application process prevents moisture build up inside the wood allowing the cedar to breathe moisture free. Our cedar restoration and protection process is arguably the most rewarding service we offer due to the dramatic before and after results we achieve. Take great caution with your cedar protection as there are many treatment options out there that can cause more harm than good. We’re experts with the process and happy to share our experience and recommendations with you.

If sections of your cedar roof or siding require repair or replacement we’re fully prepared to install replacement shakes as needed. Our goal is to help you keep your cedar home beautiful and safe for many years to come.

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