Cedar Roof & Siding Restoration & Weather Protection

In our humble opinion the whole reason for having cedar siding is to capture the natural wood, colonial style, New England way of building that originated in this region. Cedar isn’t meant to be covered in paint or stain. It needs to breathe and adapt to the seasonal differences in temperature.

We provide a cedar care service. We use eco friendly detergents, a hot water wash & rinse process followed by a water based, fully transparent, water proof sealant application that will weather protect your cedar for up to 10 years.

Scope of Work:

  1. Cleaning, stain removal & color revitalize for all cedar shingle siding surfaces.
  2. High quality, water based cedar sealant application to all cedar siding & roof surfaces.

The Cleaning:

First, we’ll apply a generous coat of algae and mildew removing detergent all over the roof and cedar shingle surfaces. Our eco-friendly detergents are completely safe for your home, landscaping and the environment. After allowing time for the detergents to activate we’ll begin a low pressure, hot water, wash and rinse process. Moving from top to bottom every square foot of the roof cedar will be gently washed & rinsed clean.

The Sealant:

After an adequate drying time we’ll return to perform the sealant application process.

First we’ll tape off or cover any delicate landscaping or adjacent glass surfaces to prevent against overspray. The sealant application begins at the high points of each peak downward toward the foundation by gently spraying a generous coat of our eco-friendly, water-based, fully transparent sealant to all cedar siding surfaces. Residual sealant is brushed smooth ensuring that the entire surface is thoroughly covered.

The Finished Product:

The process is complete with a thorough inspection to ensure a clean, consistent finish from top to bottom. Once absorbed the sealant will repel water allowing it to roll off the cedar protecting against moisture damage due to expansion and contraction of cedar wood during seasonal temperature changes. The sealant is designed to maintain the results that our cleaning process will achieve for many years to come.


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