Cedar restoration and cedar shingle installation are very popular across New England. Getting your home wrapped up in the authentic texture that is Cedar Impressions provides your house with a warm home that many other sidings can’t provide.


The wood material brings a timeless appeal of wood. Through CertainTeed, Atlantic Coast Property Solutions is able to provide a leading product in the cedar shingle industry.


We are able to provide various shingle textures, colors and design layouts. Cedar Impressions actually offers biggest selection of colors in the industry providing you, the homeowner, with almost unlimited opportunities.


The beauty of natural cedar on homes is that it changes color and shade with time. But now, you can get the appearance you want and keep the look forever. Whether it be aged or freshly sawn, you can get what you’re looking for.

Benefits of Cedar Shingle Siding:


Appearance: Some people love the authentic look of wood cedar siding. Cedar Impressions is able to provide homeowners with look they are looking for either aged or freshly sawn.

Stability: Cedar shingles does a great job at holding its original dimensions.


Additional Features:


  • Strength
  • Natural Insulator


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