Exterior Home Spring Maintenance Tips

With spring technically only a couple weeks away, this is a very important time for homeowners to start thinking about spring cleaning. Spring cleaning isn’t only for the inside of your home but it has to do with the exterior even more! Your house can get banged up during the winter time with rain, ice, snow and blizzard conditions so be sure that you inspect your home so it’s ready to take on the rest of the year and beyond! By not correctly handling spring maintenance issues, they can become worse and will end up leading to other problems around the house.

Examine Your Roofs Shingles: 

Check out the shingles on your roof to be sure that none were ripped away or damaged from the winter. The summer time can really do damage on your shingles so it’s very important your roof isn’t having any issues now.

Examine Your Gutters:

Ice and snow put so much weight and pressure on your gutters. Look for gutters that are leaky or loose.

 Trim Overgrowth Foliage: 

To make sure that branch and tree limbs aren’t breaking off and damaging your roof, gutters and other aspects of your house trim them away. Keeping them 5-7 feet away from the base of your house will help future problems.


Look at the exterior of your chimney for any signs of damage. Look in between the bricks and stones. If any have fallen out or if their is vegetation growing on them then those are signs of water filtration.

Exterior Walls: 

Whether you have wood siding, stucco, brick or James Hardie Fiber Cement, look for trouble spots under eaves and nearby the gutter downspouts. Water stains are a sign that their may be some gutter issues. Additionally if your siding, trim or gutters have built up dirt, mold or mildew then a proper professional power wash can make your house look like it’s brand new.

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