How Winter Negatively Affects Your Roof

Have you ever wondered what your roof goes through in the winter? While you are in the house, cozy and warm, your roof is up there, protecting you and suffering the negative effects of the season in silence.

That’s right. Winter can pose a huge risk to your roof, and your roof can’t complain, of course. So that’s why you, as a home owner need to educate yourself on winter’s negative effects. Luckily for you, the information below will tell you everything you need to know, giving you the ability to stop problems in their tracks.

The Freeze-Thaw Cycle

If you live in a temperate climate, you likely know how miserable the freeze-thaw cycle can be. One day, you’re wearing shorts. The next, you’ve got on a thick jacket, and you wish you had the good fortune to be living somewhere tropical and you’re totally miserable.

Well, this miserable cycle of freezing and thawing affects your roof, too. Ice is denser than water and water expands as it freezes. This means that if you had a tiny crack in your roof, water would flow into the crack and freeze, expanding the crack. The crack will not shrink when the water thaws again, and before you know it, you’ll have roof leaks to clean up.

Ice is Not Nice

The other big effect on your roof during winter is ice dams. Ice dams are formed when snow on the higher parts of your roof over the attic melts and then runs down to the frosty cold edges. The water then freezes into a continuous chunk of ice.

While it is frozen, this ice isn’t a problem. However, when the air starts warming up, more snow melts and drips down the roof. This snow can wind up caught behind the ice dam and ooze back under the shingles up to ten feet.

This oozing water then drips through your roof, into the insulation below the shingles, and even through the ceiling where it creates dirty water stains. This can lead to the growth of mold as well as sagging and crumbling of the ceiling material.

The Weight of Snow

Snow is not nearly so light and fluffy as it looks. In fact, it can weigh very heavily on your roof.

Even though roofs are built to withstand the weight of a lot of snow, sometimes nature drops more on the roof than it can handle. This can lead to many problems including roof collapse and strain on the other structures of your home.

Winter can be a terrible time for your roof. Between the hazards of the freeze-thaw cycle and ice dams, things can get treacherous fast. That is why regular roof maintenance is important. Without it, your roof might crumble under the onslaught of winter and that is a holiday gift that nobody wants. If you need immediate roof repair, call the team at Atlantic Coast Property Solutions at 781.817.6941.