Don't Let Ice Dams Break Your Heart

Don’t Let Ice Dams Break Your Heart

9 Feet of Snow
Anyone remember the winter of 2015? It felt like the storms would never end and Boston ended up with a record-breaking 9 feet of snow. There was barely time to shovel out the cars, let alone keep the roof raked and the gutters cleared. Ice dams and the damage they caused left homeowners with roof leaks well into the spring. It’s trite, but true- an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Treat your roof and gutters right and you won’t dread every storm.

Beautiful, but Dangerous
While the South Shore boasts plenty of quaint tree-lined streets, their luster wears thin once those leaves begin to drop. So much debris, especially that famous fall foliage, builds up in your gutters and causes major blockages over time. Every November, I see a lot of folks perched on ladders to remove the leaves and sticks from their gutters. Our phones ring a lot around then, too, with people looking for help in clearing, maintaining, and replacing gutters before the snow starts to fall. It’s always great to see homeowners being proactive and I have new product offering that takes a lot of the winter worries away.

Worry-Free Roof Protection Year-Round
Leaf Free Gutter Protection offers a simple way to keep gutters clear and provides you a quick way to melt ice dams before they become a problem. Aluminum gutter covers keep leaves and sticks out and low-voltage heating coils are placed where snow and ice typically collect such as the downspouts. A licensed electrician will install a switch to help you operate the system and that’s it. Worry-free roof protection year-round.
Maybe you’ve already outsourced your fall yard clean up. Those acorns have to go somewhere. Now it’s time to protect your roof so you can spend your winter skiing rather than raking.

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