Patio Restoration: Blue Stone, Paver, and Brick

Is your patio:

  • Covered in weeds, moss, and algae?
  • Broken and uneven?
  • Discolored and dingy?


You can solve your outdoor stone problems with one product: polymeric sand. Though still a relatively new product, polymeric sand has become the gold standard in blue, paver, and brick patio restoration. When you have your patio restored using polymeric sand, you protect your investment and extend the life of your stonework. The result is a patio that looks brand-new. See more of our work here.

Atlantic Coast Property Solutions is one of the only companies on the South Shore to specialize in patio restoration using polymeric sand. Our process will have your paver deck, pool patio, walkway or driveway leveled, protected and returned to original condition in days.



Benefits of Polymeric Sand

  • Creates a barrier between stones keeping weeds away
  • Reduces erosion that can cause unsteady and unsafe stonework
  • Adapts to harsh weather and seasonal temperature shifts so common in Massachusetts
  • Comes in a variety of colors so you can easily match it to your stone of choice

Patio Restoration Scope of Work

  • Cleaning: First, we’ll perform a thorough cleaning of all the hardscape surfaces and joints. This cleaning includes the application of our stone color revitalizer followed by a stain and rust removal application to any areas that need it. After a thorough cleaning, the surfaces and joints receive a hot water rinse in preparation for polymeric sand installation.
  • Polymeric Sand Installation: After drying, we fill the joints with a high quality, antibacterial, polymeric jointing sand. The residue is blown off, broom cleaned, and then thoroughly wetted in order to activate the stabilization process. Polymeric sand is a significant upgrade to stone dust joint filler that was commonly used before the creation of polymeric sand in 2008.
  • Sealant Application: Once the surface has dried after the poly sand installation, we’ll prepare the hardscape surfaces for the application of a high quality, weather protective sealant. In sections, the surfaces are thoroughly blown off and broom cleaned to remove any residual debris. Next, the sealant is applied generously and evenly to create a protective barrier from rain, snow, heat, or anything else Massachusetts weather can throw at it. The sealant application is designed to maintain the beauty that our cleaning and joint sand install process will achieve for many years to come.
  • Complete: Your newly restored patio will last approximately 5-7 years, sometimes more depending on the weather conditions.
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