Repair & Remodeling

We can help with general maintenance repair or remodeling projects even if they exceed the scope of general maintenance cleaning. If your original wood trim or soffits are showing signs of rot that isn’t going to be fixed with a cleaning, it is extremely important to address these signs before they lead to bigger issues. Signs include: gutter sections coming loose, frayed and weather worn trim sections, critter holes or water build up inside window sills. Ignoring any of these signs could result in water penetration that will lead to thousands of dollars worth of interior home repairs. If you are considering new windows, new doors, a new roof or new siding, Atlantic Coast Property Solutions can help. Home maintenance is our area of expertise. Our goal is to become your one stop shop for making and keeping your home safe and beautiful. We know that maintaining a beautiful home is a big deal. We want to make it as easy for you as possible.