Roof Cleaning FAQ for Cedar Roofs

Q: How long does the cleaning and sealing last?

A: Our cedar cleaning and sealant process will keep cedar shingles protected for approximately 7-10 years. This does vary depending on shade, sun & moisture exposure but that range holds true for most roof sections. If a cedar roof owner wants to get the full 50-60 year lifespan that a cedar roof should provide this service should
be considered every 7-10 years.

Q: Is sealant safe for cedar roofs?

A: Our sealant is a water-based, wood absorbent, waterproofing sealant. The major benefit is the fact that it allows the cedar to breathe while also creating a waterproof barrier that prevents moisture buildup inside the shake. Sealants that sit on top
the cedar do now allow it to breathe causing it to wear unevenly and often creates more damage than protection. That’s why this is such a great question. Our whole process is designed to allow the cedar to breathe once it’s been cleaned.

Q: Does the sealant actually prevent new growth of moss and algae?

A: The process intends to prevent moss/algae re-growth which in turn extends the life of the shingles significantly. When water soaks into a cedar shake after several days of rain and cloudy weather it becomes a breeding ground for algae when warm sunny
weather follows. This is especially damaging in the fall when the temperatures are cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon. Any moisture trapped inside the cedar will turn to algae then expand and contract during the temperature changes. This is why you see the blackening, cupping effect that leads to broken shakes over
time. Waterproofing the cedar prevents this from happening which extends the life of the cedar dramatically.

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