Roof Safety When Lighting Off Fireworks


Unless you have filed for a permit, Fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts. Even on July 4th, there is a law against the use of them. With this in place, we still see fireworks go off all throughout the state. In people backyards, on a lake, and on the beach. If you are one of these people that insists on firing them off, we remind you that there are safety hazards that go beyond physical harm at the time of explosion.

Fireworks can set your roof on fire EVEN if your roof isn’t made of wood. Luckily for you, there are a few things you can do to reduce the chances of a roof fire starting.

Clean Debris: All the leaves, sticks and debris that lie on your roof and in your gutters is an invitation for a fire to start.

Check for holes or damage: If your roof has any damage or holes in it, hot sparks may be able to enter the attic and catch on fire.

Remove Branches:  If you’re lighting off fireworks, tree branches can be susceptible to catching on fire. Especially if you have branches hanging over your roof, you should be trimming those back as well. A tree branch caught on fire handing over your house is not a good idea.

Most importantly, stay safe and have fun during the fourth of July weekend. If you notice any issues with your roof and need help, Atlantic Coast Property Solutions can help out.  We can be reached over the phone at 781-817-6941 or through our online contact form.