Roofing Maintenance

A well constructed roof is the most critical component of a home’s construction by far. Atlantic Coast Property Solutions is fully prepared to make sure you have a safe, well constructed roof on your home. We are certified roofing specialists with decades of experience in roof installation and maintenance.  If your shingles appear to be 25 years old or older we’ll fully inspect its condition for safety and determine if a new roof or a roof cleaning is the best option for you.

If a new roof is the better investment our roof mechanics are fully trained, certified and available to install a new roof that will meet all the manufacturers specifications that will allow for a 20 to 30 year manufacturers warranty on the product of your choice.  At the very least we can provide an estimate and make recommendations that will help you prepare for that project at some point in the future.

If there is some life left on the shingles there is another option. Most people don’t realize that green mold, algae and lichen can be safely cleaned from your roof. If you have unsightly build up beginning to show on your roof we can help. The average lifespan for most shingles is 25-30 years. If your last roof installation was less than 25 years ago, with the proper detergents, we can safely help you get the full life span out of those shingles. Our modified pressure, hot water, eco friendly roof wash is safe and will have your home looking beautiful again in hours.

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