Stairway to Style

Stairway to Style: Entryway Rehab

Isn’t it funny how things go in and out of style? What was once quaint and charming often becomes dated and fragile as time goes by. A recent project we tackled was an excellent example of this phenomenon.

A client reached out to us to refurbish her entryway. Originally built with railroad ties, the steps leading to her home had become uneven and weathered over the years. Additionally, the retaining wall, also built with railroad ties, had begun to sag from the weight of the soil, leading to further instability. Not only did she no longer care for the look of the walkway and steps, she also had a legitimate safety concern.

To update the look of her entryway, she chose granite. In order to properly install and seal the entryway, we had to use masonry, also known as stonework. Masons are highly skilled tradesmen who have spent years working with stone of all kinds and our mason is an expert in this field. A licensed electrician also worked on the project.

Despite the intricacy of the work, the total timeline of the project was only ten days from start to finish. This type of project is a great thing to tackle before the wear and tear of stormy winter days begin. Hard freezes overnight followed by warmer days can wreak havoc on the earth and a dangerous walkway is a major hazard.

If you have an outside project that you’ve been putting off, the fall is a great time to address it. Not only will it increase the safety of your property, it will be a beautiful sight to see once the snow melts.

Stairway to Style