What is the Purpose of Siding?

Many people believe that the siding on a home is simply for design. This couldn’t be any further from the truth as siding holds an important part in helping to protect your home. Here are the two main functions of siding and understanding them is crucial during an exterior siding remodeling project.

Security & Structure: 

After a house has been built, framed and covered with particle board, it has to be protected further. Siding is installed around your home to fight against any water leaking and to ensure that your insulation and particle board are kept in tact. Along with rain and water, siding also helps with insulation.

Cosmetic Value: 

The entire appearance of your house can be greatly altered based off your siding. When looking for a siding solution, you want one that looks beautiful and stays beautiful. You choose off a wide range of siding solutions based off style, texture, color and more!

When looking for new siding, each option will vary based off these two factors.  Some will look nicer than others. Some will be more secure than others and some will look nicer and last longer than others.

For more information about how each siding solution ranks in these categories please feel free to reach out to Atlantic Coast Property Solutions.