Why Your Next Room Should be a Sunroom

Why Your Next Room Should be a Sunroom

A sunroom is the optimal way to bring the outside in.  Whether it be the warm rays of summer, or the soothing snowfall of winter, a sunroom allows you to enjoy all of these from the comfort of your home. Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why your next home remodeling project should be a sun room.

Lower Cost
Probably the most straightforward advantage is that sunrooms are more economical than traditional extensions, given their usually prefabricated components. Drawing up the design, which would usually require paying an architect a hefty fee, is included in the cost of the sunroom. In mosts areas, the cost for acquiring a permit for the sunroom is cheaper too.

Less Maintenance
Not only are sunrooms cheaper to construct, but they require less maintenance as well. Thanks to the two primary materials used for constructing sunrooms: vinyl and glass, sunrooms require less maintenance than a wood frame structure (eg. regular painting, pressure washing).

Easy Process
Traditional add-ons tend to involve a long and convoluted supply chain of suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors that can be a nightmare to coordinate. Building a sunroom only involves one company, making the process far more quicker and easier, without any of the logistical hassle.

More Security/Peace of Mind
One thing that a sun room has more of is peace of mind, thanks to it being sold as product, and therefore comes with a warranty. Any issues or flaws you will have with your sunroom will most likely be covered, as opposed to having to pay extra to hire a contractor to fix the problem.

A sunroom can be suited for anything you want, whether it be a social/entertaining space, or a peaceful reading nook for the end of a long day. Given the transparency of a sunroom to the outdoors, it aesthetically separates itself from the rest of your home, making it a particularly unique addition as opposed to another room being added.
As a whole, sunrooms are unique, versatile, and are easy on your mind and your wallet, making them an obvious choice for your next home addition. To learn more about installing a sunroom onto your property, visit us at Atlantic Coast property solutions.  We have the expertise and experience to install sunrooms, roofing, siding and more, all to elevate your home to another level.

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